1. The Corner Bedroom

Here’s what that master bathroom looks like from inside the bedroom.  I’m starting in the center of the bedroom looking into the bathroom.

The bathroom is in the northwest corner of the bedroom. Check the floor plan if you’re having trouble understanding these compass directions.  As you can see in the picture below, it’s one of the great advantages of being on the 12th (top) floor that even the master bathroom has a great view of the city.  Here’s what looks like on beautiful day…

Bathroom Window View 103014 Med Size IMG_4149

This next shot shows the entire north wall of the Corner Bedroom.

That’s the door to the bathroom on the left, a bureau in the middle, the walk-in closet on the right and we’re just getting started. Notice the hardwood floors. They’re everywhere throughout the apartment except in the kitchen and bathrooms. The glass door to the right of the closet is just that, one of the double glass doors that open into the bedroom from the Living Room/Dining Area. If you like glass, if you like the openness and light it gives you, this is your apartment. (The glass wall and doors between the Living Room and the Corner Bedroom are something I did after I bought the apartment which is why they are not on the floor plan.)

With your back to the east (interior) wall of the bedroom, here’s what the west wall looks like.

If it seems a little dark, it’s only because I’m not a professional photographer and there’s so much light coming in the wall of windows that faces northward.

Here’s the southwest corner of the bedroom.

And a shot looking down and west along New York Ave. so that you can see all the new construction and, if the sun weren’t so bright, the top of the Washington Monument at a distance.  It’s a great neighborhood getting even better.

Corner View Of NY Ave Construction 103014 Med Size IMG_4148

Here’s the south (New York Avenue) wall of the master bedroom.

The southeast corner.

And, finally, the east wall of the Corner Bedroom.

What you’re seeing is double glass doors in the open position, connecting he Corner Bedroom to the Living Room/Dining Area and Kitchen to create both the sense and reality of openness that brings the corner window walls, their light and what they see, into the core of the apartment. It’s a unique, custom modification, and not the standard floor plan as you can see from the diagram the developer provided.

Two more things and we’re done with this room. First, the walk-in close has custom built-ins as you can see below.

(The closet’s so big, it took two pictures to show it to you.) And second, the room has custom overhead lighting which is especially impressive at night.

Now follow me to the Living Room/Dining Area

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