2. The Living Room/Dining Area

Hi. Welcome to the Living Room/Dining Area. As we did in the Corner Bedroom, we’re going to sweep the room from right to left, starting with the southwest corner.

This next shot is of the south wall of windows that face New York Avenue.

In the southeast corner, you can see the door to the Other Bedroom which I use as a study, but which could be used as a second bedroom for a roommate or child. The Other Bedroom has its own walk-in closet and direct access to what I call “The Red Bathroom.” (You’ll understand why later.)

Here’s the east wall of the Living Room/Dining area, taken with my back to the Corner Bedroom. You can see my dining table, which is expandable and has 6 chairs to accommodate company. That’s real art on the wall, and it stays with the apartment. The Kitchen is to the left. Left and right, you can see the double glass doors to the Corner Bedroom where I’m standing to take this shot.

Standing with your back to the windows along New York Avenue, you can see the dining table and chairs again, and the Kitchen and front door behind them. The double glass doors to the Corner Bedroom are on the left.

I don’t know about you, but I like music and the feeling of being in the movie or at the game when I watch them on a high definition TV. That’s why the apartment has surround sound. See the two speakers above the door to the Other Bedroom?

They go with the matching set above the wall-mounted TV and the bass on the floor.

The HDTV goes with the apartment, of course, as does the surround sound which is connected to the the silver Onkyo box on the bottom of the equipment stack shown below. That’s XM radio in the middle, which I’ll be taking with me. The top box is a DVD player.

Next up, the Bedroom/Study

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