3. The Other Bedroom/Study

Coming into the Other Bedroom/Study from the Living Room, you’re now turning around and facing the southwest corner of the room. On the right, you can see the open door leading back into the Living Room.

To the left along the wall of windows facing New York Avenue, you’re now looking at the southeast corner of the room.

FYI, the Nationals coin bucket on the floor doesn’t stay with the apartment. It’s just that I didn’t realize, when I was taking these pictures, how heavy it was until until I tried to move it out of the way.

This next shot is the back or north wall of the second bedroom. The door you see is to the second bath room that guests can also access from the hallway off the kitchen. (I really miss taking naps on that couch. Very comfortable.)

Apt 1202 Couch in the Study 051012

And here, below, is the west wall of the second bedroom/study. The door to the walk-in closet is just outside the shot to the right of the floor lamp.

As you can tell going around the room, there’s plenty of space to use the room as a nice size bedroom or study – or both.

Ready? Okay, let’s see “The Red Bathroom” I keep talking about…

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