6. The Kitchen

Last stop on our tour. This Kitchen looks perfect, doesn’t? Why is that? To be honest, I eat out a lot.

Starting with the front, overhanging counter, I’m going to sweep from left to right around the Kitchen. The countertops are granite. In this first shot, you’ll see the dishwasher under the left end of the counter, and then the sink which is deep and has a pull-out faucet. The Kitchen is bright. This first shot is a little dark because of all the sunlight coming in from the south-facing Living Room windows.

The microwave, glass-top stove and oven (both electric) are in the middle of the kitchen.  The thermostat on the wall is the original model before I had the Nest installed.

Here’s a better shot of the microwave, stove and oven.

And now the right or backside of the Kitchen which includes the refrigerator.  Since this picture was taken, I’ve replaced this refrigerator with a brand new unit with French doors on top, cold water in the left French door and a larger, pullout freezer on the bottom.

This is how the Kitchen looks viewed from inside the Living Room. That’s the door to the apartment on the right, and the glass doors to the Corner Bedroom on the left.

Refrigerator 103014 Med Size IMG_4194Since these pictures were taken, I’ve upgraded the refrigerator to the one shown on the right.  As you can see, there’s an exterior cold, filtered water dispenser and french doors that open left and right so that you fit a leftover extra large pizza inside, no sweat.  And the freezer’s on the bottom.

Last one. This is what you see looking from inside the front door, past the Kitchen into the Living Room. Again, it’s much brighter in person.

That’s it. When you’re finished looking at the Kitchen, just click on the “Home” button on the left, below the header at the top of the screen.

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