An intelligent floor plan.

It’s a beautiful, spacious, corner apartment, with wall-to-wall windows looking down on Washington from the top (12th) floor of our building. Two bedrooms, each with its own full bath and walk-in closet, separated by a living room/dining area and kitchen in a comfortable total of 1,250 square feet. (One of the reasons I wanted to be on the 12th floor is that there are no balconies. Balconies are small and people rarely use them. This way I have more interior space.)

Here’s a floor plan, the original one provided by the developer.

What the floor plan doesn’t show you, of course, is that the ceilings on the 12th floor are higher than usual, higher than on the other floors, and that I’ve made changes, enhancements to the original apartment I bought. (I’m the original owner, by the way.) Here’s what I’ve done:

I replaced the original carpeting in the bedrooms with hardwood floors matching the living room and dining area.

I installed 3 strips of overhead halogen lighting, in the bedroom, the living room/dining area and in the kitchen. It helps make the apartment less dependent upon floor, table and desk lamps.

I installed surround sound to go with the wall-mounted HDTV. Depending upon what you’re watching, it’s like you’re right in the middle of the action.

I coated the windows with energy saving film that cuts the cost of electricity for air conditioning and heat, without affecting the view.

There are also special roller shades on the windows that will give you privacy while still letting you see the lights of the city at night.

Most importantly perhaps, I replaced most of the wall between the corner bedroom and the living room/dining area with glass panels and double glass doors. The glass wall and doors open up the apartment, bringing the view and light from corner bedroom windows into the living room and dining area. The effect is almost that of a great room, while keeping the spacing of the original floor plan intact.

The apartment is also beautifully painted. By “painted,” I mean other than “off white.” You’ll see when you do the walking tour of the apartment by reading the posts numbered 1 through 6.

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