It’s good to be on the top floor.

There’s a reason why you rent a corner penthouse apartment on the 12th floor. (If you’re not from around here, 12 stories is as high as you’re allowed to build a residential structure in downtown Washington.) It’s all about being up there, where it quieter and where there’s more to see – although the higher than usual ceilings are also nice. By the way, the windows open a few inches, not enough to be dangerous, but so that you can get some fresh air and hear the sound of the city if you miss it.

The master bedroom itself is in the corner and has 2 walls of almost floor to ceiling glass.  The great room – living room, dinning room and kitchen – has it’s own glass wall as does the second bedroom.  Even the wall between the great room and the master bedroom is glass – so that, when you’re in the kitchen for example, you can see through the master bedroom wall out the corner of your 12th story apartment!

What you get on the 12th floor is a wonderful urban view that includes the sky, the streets and everything in-between – and the city lights at night.  What you get through all that glass is a view of a neighborhood continuing its transition upward, the sights and sounds of the growing economy and energy of the greater Mt. Vernon Triangle community that will soon include the spectacular new Washington Marriott Marquis just a few blocks away, near the Convention Center.

All those stores and restaurants and all that entertainment – just some of which you can see highlighted when you click on the “The Neighborhood” menu button?  They’re all part of what’s happening around the Yale Condominiums.

With 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, Apt. 1202 is not only a great place for a single professional or couple, it’s is also perfect for a family of three.  Or you can use the second bedroom for friends and family to stay when they’re in town – even if you didn’t invite them.

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