The Apartment

This is a really beautiful place to live, so nice in fact, a few amateur pictures hardly do it justice, but I’ll give it a shot. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to make an appointment to see the real thing.

I took pictures of everything except the camera I was using and me. Before we get started, it’s probably a good idea for you to print the floor plan if you haven’t already.  Keep in mind that the floor plan below is the original that was drawn before I replaced the wall between the great room and master bedroom with glass and double glass doors.

First, let’s talk about compass references I’ll be using. The bottom edge of the floor plan is the walls of floor-to-ceiling windows running along New York Ave., facing due south. Very sunny. Along the left edge are the bedroom and bathroom windows facing west. Okay, here goes. There’s a post for each room. Just click on the link and come back here or go “Home” when you’re done, after you’ve been through the entire apartment.

In order, we’re going on an annotated walking tour of the apartment from the northwest corner to the east along the front of the apartment, and back around to the kitchen. Along the way, you’re going to see lots of nearly floor-to-ceiling windows. They’re great, letting in light and connecting you to the city in a way less glass couldn’t accomplish. All these windows are coated with a special film that I had installed after I bought my condo, a special film that reduces the costs of heating and cooling the apartment while having no effect on the view. And all the windows have designer shades made of material that gives you privacy without cutting out all the light.

1. The Corner Bedroom, which includes one of the apartment’s 2 bathrooms.

2. The Living Room/Dining Area.

3. The Other Bedroom/Study.

4. The Red Bathroom which is accessible to both the Other Bedroom/Study and guests. It’s also where the washer/dryer is located.

5. The Hallway. (I told you I took pictures of everything.)

6. The Kitchen.

We’ll start at the top of the list with The Corner Bedroom.

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