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Apartments For Rent Washington DC


Corner Penthouse If you’re wondering, this blog is about a really great 2 bedroom, 2 bath, penthouse apartment that is for rent in the Yale Steam Laundry condominiums at the corner of New York Avenue and 4th Street, NW, in downtown Washington, D.C.  It’s a beautiful, spacious apartment in a really great location, convenient to everything. See […] Continue reading →

Where, exactly, is Apt. 1202?

Yale Sign Where is Apt. 1202? The answer is, downtown, in the northwest quadrant of Washington, conveniently located to everywhere in the city by Metro rail, Metro bus, the DC Circulator, bike and on foot. The building address is 437 New York Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20001. That’s almost at the corner of New York Avenue and […] Continue reading →

It’s good to be on the top floor.

Corner View Of NY Ave Construction 103014 Med Size IMG_4148 There’s a reason why you rent a corner penthouse apartment on the 12th floor. (If you’re not from around here, 12 stories is as high as you’re allowed to build a residential structure in downtown Washington.) It’s all about being up there, where it quieter and where there’s more to see – although the higher […] Continue reading →

An intelligent floor plan.

EPSON scanner image It’s a beautiful, spacious, corner apartment, with wall-to-wall windows looking down on Washington from the top (12th) floor of our building. Two bedrooms, each with its own full bath and walk-in closet, separated by a living room/dining area and kitchen in a comfortable total of 1,250 square feet. (One of the reasons I wanted to […] Continue reading →

1. The Corner Bedroom

Apt 1202 SW Corner of Bedroom 051012 Here’s what that master bathroom looks like from inside the bedroom.  I’m starting in the center of the bedroom looking into the bathroom. The bathroom is in the northwest corner of the bedroom. Check the floor plan if you’re having trouble understanding these compass directions.  As you can see in the picture below, it’s one […] Continue reading →

2. The Living Room/Dining Area

Apt 1202 Living Room 1 051012 Hi. Welcome to the Living Room/Dining Area. As we did in the Corner Bedroom, we’re going to sweep the room from right to left, starting with the southwest corner. This next shot is of the south wall of windows that face New York Avenue. In the southeast corner, you can see the door to the […] Continue reading →

3. The Other Bedroom/Study

Apt 1202 SW Corner of Study 051012 Coming into the Other Bedroom/Study from the Living Room, you’re now turning around and facing the southwest corner of the room. On the right, you can see the open door leading back into the Living Room. To the left along the wall of windows facing New York Avenue, you’re now looking at the southeast corner […] Continue reading →

4. The Red Bathroom

Apt 1202 Inside Study Bathroom 1 051012 On your way into the Red Bathroom from the second bedroom/study, the first thing you’ll notice, on your right, is the washer/dryer which is in the closet. The picture on the right was taken from the second bedroom, with the door to the bathroom and the louvered door to the washer/dryer closet open.  It’s a brand new, […] Continue reading →

5. The Hallway

Apt 1202 Hallway 1 051012 This Hallway runs between the Kitchen and the Red Bathroom along the back of the apartment. There’s some art and the apartment’s electrical box on the right wall. On the left are louvered doors behind which are the hot water tank and HVAC box. The door closest to the front on the left is a […] Continue reading →

6. The Kitchen

Apt 1202 Kitchen From Living Room 051012 Last stop on our tour. This Kitchen looks perfect, doesn’t? Why is that? To be honest, I eat out a lot. Starting with the front, overhanging counter, I’m going to sweep from left to right around the Kitchen. The countertops are granite. In this first shot, you’ll see the dishwasher under the left end of […] Continue reading →