The Building

Let’s start with the standard picture of the Yale Steam Laundry Condominiums. That’s New York Avenue out front. The corner at 4th Street, NW, is ahead to the right. The short red brick building on the left is the original laundry that was converted into loft condos. The tall, light brick building on the right is where Apt. 1202 is located on the top floor, front left corner. That’s right, it’s a corner apartment. The entrance to the complex is between the two buildings.

Here’s that entrance. If you rent Apt. 1202, you’ll walk straight ahead, under the “YALE” sign. There’s a security fob scanner to the right of the double exterior doors.

If you’re driving, you’ll pull in on the brick driveway and use your security fob to open the garage door and park in your assigned space under the building. The building has double elevators which you’ll access from inside the garage with your security fob. This next shot was taken by someone else with his or her back to the front entrance. That’s New York Avenue out front.

If you’re walking, you’ll come in through the double doors, pass the security guard’s station, into the white brick space between the steam laundry on the left, and our building lobby on the right.

As you can see, the lobby is large, comfortable and friendly. The elevators up to my apartment, or down to the garage, are through the lobby to the right. There are two elevators. Apt. 1202 is the first unit down the hallway from the elevators and from the stairwell at my end of the building.

There’s a really nice 24 hour gym, free to all tenants of course.

There are pool tables, if you prefer less aerobic exercise.

And you can play the other kind of pool. Here’s a day shot of the lap pool that’s on the roof of the steam laundry building. It’s not a huge pool, but a perfect place to cool off and hang out with friends, or make new ones, after work or on a hot night.

You know what else? I don’t know everyone who lives here, but the people I do know are nice and, even the ones I don’t know are friendly.

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